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Cookie Policy
We place a number of cookies on your device to enable our website to work correctly
and to meet our legal obligations. The first of these is a Session Cookie, in other words
it expires when you leave the site. This cookie, which is used only to check that your
browser is set to accept cookies, is called wordpress_test_cookie and will contain
When you first visit our site you will see our Cookie notice. Pressing the Okay button on
that notice will place a small cookie called catAccCookies on your device which will
contain a single digit. This is what is known as an Enduring Cookie and in this instance
the cookie will last for 91 days. During that time, whenever you visit the site the cookie
will be read and you will not see the Cookie notice. If the cookie is not found, or if the
cookie has expired, you will see the Cookie notice again.
We can also make you reconfirm your acceptance of cookies at any time by altering the
digit which our site expects to find in the catAccCookies cookie. Depending upon your
activity on this site a further cookie, or cookies, called wp-saving-post may be placed on
your device.  This (these) cookie(s) will contain a digit followed by “-saved” or “-check”
and will expire 24 hours after the last time they were accessed. We do not place any
other cookies on your device. Further information about cookies and how to delete them
can be found at or
Third Party Cookies
Sometimes websites contain embedded content from third parties or use third party
analytics. These third parties often use cookies. We are not aware of any reason why,
by visiting our website, you should have such Third Party Cookies placed on your
device and we are not responsible should this occur, although if you contact us we will
take steps to either prevent this from occurring or to update this Cookie Policy. More
information can be found by visiting the Cookie and Privacy Policy pages of the third
party site.

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